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Ten Healthy Benefits of Sex


It’s hard to imagine that something that feels so good can actually be good for you too—but, sex is scientifically proven to do just that. As a matter of fact, sex is an important part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

While maintaining a healthy lifestyle can sometimes feel life a disruption to your already cluttered life, maintaining a healthy sex life is hassle free, all-natural addition to your schedule that you are probably willing to make. While gym memberships and organic foods can rob you of your paycheck, sex is free to anyone who wishes to partake. The benefits are vast, from therapeutic to physical, and the process won’t take long.

In case you need a little motivation (though we are not sure why you would) here are 10 healthy benefits of sex:

1. Body building. Unless you are an absolute fitness freak, you might feel that dragging yourself to the gym can be an unsatisfying chore. Fortunately, for those willing to stay in bed and, well, keep busy… those intense moments can get your blood flowing and heart rate up just as a traditional workout would.

Keep in mind, just as traditional workouts vary in intensity, your aerobic capacity will determine which muscles you work and how hard. No matter, those who participate in an active sex life are already satisfying some of their weekly exercise requirements, if not all. People with active sex lives are also more likely to hit the gym to help keep up their appearance and heighten their bedroom game, making sex a win win when it comes to physical well being.

2. Mental Health. Often overlooked, mental health is a very important part of a healthy lifestyle. It is not uncommon for people to become overwhelmed with stress, anxiety, and other mental health issues. From money worries and work to personal issues, most people are not immune to stress. Rest assured—sex can help from a Las Vegas Escort!

While poor emotional health can lead to a number of unhealthy choices and poor health conditions, sex can boost a person’s moral by releasing hormones that build up do to stress. Furthermore, sex can contribute to a more meaningful relationship, which in turns supports a person’s social emotional well being. While many people turn to alcohol, drugs, or unhealthy eating to help ignore life’s difficulties, sex can be equally satisfying without the negative side effects. It is quiet addictive though!

3. Improved Sleep. It is not uncommon to fall asleep directly after sexual satisfaction. In fact, most sexually active people have experienced the restful benefits of a post sex nap at least once in their lives.

There is a lot of science behind why different people sleep better following sex, but you can chop it down to less stress, more Oxtocin—a chemical produced during sex, that makes you feel better—and, perhaps, just the need to relax after laborious physical activity. What ever it is, most people can attest to better sleep and deeper REM. Now, who would want to argue with that?

4. Reduces Cancer. It is hard to conceive of how something so pleasurable can actually help you avoid cancer—I mean, it’s no broccoli! Still, medical experts agree that organisms and, likewise, testicular stimulation can actually reduce a man’s lifetime risk of prostate cancer. Now, if that is not a good enough reason to get busy, what is?

5. Reduces Heart Disease. American Heart Association approved! Even for those at risk for heart disease, sex can be beneficial. So much sex can lead to a healthier hear? For men, having sex just two times a week can lead to improvements.

6. Pain Reduction. Orgasms are distracting for both your body and your mind. Having sex can send confuse your body’s pain receptors and provide temporary to long lasting relief. For women who experience uncomfortable, even painful menstruation, an organism can help.

7. Improve Body Image. Sexual experiences vary from individual to individual. A number of factors,such as age, physical

shape, and medical conditions, can determine a person’s performance in bed. No too sexual beings are the same.

That being said, orgasms remind us our body is capable of wonderful things. Moreover, the intimacy of sex and giving another person pleasure, can increase a person’s self confidence and overall positive body image.

8. Bladder Control. Ever here of kegels? Most women are familiar with the annoying pelvic exercises intended to strengthen those womanly muscles and proven to reduce incontinence. Well, sex is a proven alternative.
When women have sex, there pelvic muscles contract, and with that contraction comes muscle strengthening. If you’ve never experienced bladder issues, don’t cast this bit of advice aside. Many women will experience some form of bladder control loss during their lifetimes, and if you are planning on children your even more prone.

9. Lowers Blood Pressure. Most people experience high blood pressure at some point in their life. While doctors will recommend increasing exercise or your intake of salt and fat, we’ve got another ideas. Masturbation is medically proven to reduce high blood pressure. So, even if you haven’t got a sexual partner, personal stimulation can improve your overall health. Who knew!?

10. Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle. If some of the previous benefits seemed redundant it’s probably because they are. While lowering blood pressure can improve heart health, improved heart health can increase physical well being and promote a better body image, and so forth. The truth is that the body and all its functions are tide together rather harmoniously. When you see improvements in one area, you will most likely see them in another.
For those seeking to improve their health or maintain a healthy lifestyle, balancing healthy behaviors are key. Eating a well balanced diet, maintaining positive relationships, exercising often, and having an active sex life can all lead to better overall health.
So the next time you are dreading going to the gym or getting your annual blood pressure test, remember there is always a free, all-natural way to better your health.