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Food tips to eat healthy on the go


While many people understand the importance of eating healthy and develop routines in their life to do so, these good habits are often disrupted when they are on the go. Traveling is ripe for eating unhealthy and letting your structured meals turn into bouts of overeating. This problem is magnified for those who travel frequently for business and are at risk for developing unhealthy lifestyles as a result. Finding ways to eat and be healthy while on the move is essential and this article will provide some pointers for how to do so.

Understand What Food Is Healthy

Generally speaking food that you prepare for yourself is easier to monitor for health than food you eat out. This is true from both a calorie standpoint and a nutritional one as well. Restaurants and take out places will attract customers that produce food that is tasty as opposed to healthy and will prepare dishes accordingly. Foods will be prepared with more calories and smaller servings of vegetables and fruits both due to their higher cost as well as the general blandness associated with them.

To avoid this there are several steps that people can take and these steps often begin with doing some research. Major chains will often publish calorie and nutritional information on their website and you can take a look to learn about portion sizes and calorie content in the food that they sell. This can be an eye opener as many meals have higher amounts of calories and fat than you would think they do and you may be consuming more than you realize. Without the vegetables and fiber that are in your home meals you may find yourself still hungry and pack in extra calories. Talk to a nutritionist to understand what your caloric needs are and be cognizant of your exercise level and metabolism. More than anything else, portion control is the essential element in being healthy while you are on the go.

Knowing some healthy dishes in a variety of different restaurants is a good way to have a good plan in place for eating healthy on the go. Some examples of healthy options are:

– Baked Chicken and Turkey Dishes in American Restaurants
– Sashimi and Soba Noodle Soups in Japanese Restaurants
– vegetable Soups and Steamed chicken and Vegetables in Chinese Restaurants
– Bean Based Meals in Mexican Restaurants
– lentils in Indian restaurants

The list can go on and on but the key takeaway is to understand that there are healthy food options wherever you go and you simply have to know and understand the healthy foods that you should choose, and, of course, to select those over some of the other alternative dishes that you may otherwise be tempted to select.

Know Where You Are Heading and Plan in Advance

If you will be traveling for an extended period of time you will need to plan ahead and know what options are available for food where you travel to. If you don’t plan ahead and either bring some healthy food options along or find places that serve healthy food you may be stuck eating fast food. Scour the area and look at the top food places in the area. If there aren’t many healthy choices you should expand your search; many supermarkets have pre made dishes that you can buy and eat in your car or work that are healthy. Pre made salads are examples of these healthy meals but so are sushi trays, chicken salads, and a variety of different dishes.

Be prepared with snacks if practicable and avoid picking up unhealthy food items at some convenience store. Have some dried fruit and nuts on hand for snacking purposes and avoid having your diet degenerate into a bag of chips. Energy bars and beef jerky are other healthy alternatives for snacks that can be much healthier than a candy bar and be prepared with these highly nutritional snack foods when possible.

If you are not traveling far from home you can bring full meals from home. Frozen meals and sandwiches may not seem healthy but are commonly better for you than restaurant food is. It also lets you control the calories you eat while you are on the go. Doing so can let you control your dietary choices better than you would otherwise be able to and get the nutrition you need.

See What Alternatives Are Available

Many people who travel for business have large daily per diem meal plans that they use to eat well. While this is enjoyable it can be dangerous for your health. See if you can instead book a hotel with a kitchenette where you can prepare some basic meals that are healthy alternatives to eating out. Instant oatmeal packages can be eaten with a microwave or water boiling kettle and basic sandwiches of turkey can be eaten without much effort. Develop a few mainstays for yourself for quick and healthy dishes on the go and be sure to add in easy to eat fruits. By taking these steps you can avoid the negative effects of always eating out unhealthy foods while you are on the go.

Pay Attention to More Than Just Your Diet

Being healthy involves more than just your diet. To be healthy and maintain a good lifestyle you should exercise regularly, have sex, and find ways to relieve yourself of stress. When you combine these things with a healthy diet you will find yourself with more energized, with a better spirit, and often more capable of taking on challenging tasks. All of these things can be challenging to do when you are on the go, particularly away from home for long term work assignments, however you should always make time for yourself so that you can keep yourself physically, mentally, and emotionally healthy.

Food tips can be an essential part of being healthy while on the go and can make your life more productive and enjoyable. However take in a full picture of your health and develop a workable full body health assessment regularly to make sure you are on the right path.